NEX Enso
NEX EnsoTreasury and portfolio finance solution
With more than $1 trillion in total assets under advisory, ENSO Financial Analytics (ENSO) provides operational insights and alpha-generating analytics to many of the world’s most successful fund managers.
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DucoSelf-service reconciliation provider
Duco’s mission is to make managing data easy. We empower users to deal with complex data in a fraction of the time required by traditional reconciliation systems.
NEX Regulatory Reporting uses Duco’s technology to provide clients with an innovative and flexible reconciliation solution as an integrated part of its regulatory reporting service.
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NEX TriOptima
NEX TriOptimaPost trade infrastructure for the OTC derivatives market
triReduce – multilateral portfolio compression
triResolve – portfolio reconciliation, repository reconciliation and margin management
triCalculate – XVA risk analytics
triBalance – counterparty risk rebalancing
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CorvilData analytics for financial markets
Corvil is a leading real-time data analytics company for financial markets. The partnership offers market participants a complete solution from collection of trade transaction data, normalisation and enrichment across systems and asset classes, to error-checking, reconciliation and publishing of final reports. To satisfy reporting obligations across a range of international regimes, the collaboration offers accurately clock-synchronized, nanosecond-precision timestamped trade transaction data from Corvil directly to the Abide Financial reporting hub.
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CME Group
CME GroupEuropean Markets Infrastructure
CME ETR is an ESMA registered European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) Trade Repository for derivatives transactions across multiple asset classes. Abide and CME have partnered to provide high standard EMIR reporting solutions.
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Eflow Ltd
Eflow LtdBusiness process management
Eflow Ltd. provides market-leading business process management, monitoring and workflow software primarily for the financial industry. eflow Ltd. a UK-based company, develops and markets the unique PATH (Peer Application Transaction Hub) technology.
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