Effectively manage your international transaction reporting obligations

Beyond EMIR, MiFID and REMIT you may also face the challenge of maintaining reporting connections to other international regulatory regimes. The NEX Regulatory Reporting engine manages the complexity of multiple reporting regimes, manipulating the core dataset and routing data to international regulators in the required format.

Reporting under ASIC

Australian financial services firms and foreign firms registered in Australia must report details of their OTC derivative trading to a Licensed or Prescribed repository. Dependent on the size of the reporting entity, this may be on a trade by trade basis or at position level.

Reporting under MAS

Singaporean reporting aligns to Australian reporting in ensuring there is a minimum size threshold and no requirement for non-financials to report. Firms trading through ASIC and MAS entities need to consider the implications of differentiated requirements and conflicts between the reporting regimes.

Reporting for Canadian Regimes

Canadian OTC reporting broadly aligns with other global requirements in both scope and imposing a reporting hierarchy. Reporting is differentiated between the four main provinces Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec and definition of the “local counterparty” will determine the reporting entity and which authority has access to the data.

Single solution for all reporting obligations

The NEX Regulatory Reporting HUB is designed to receive, process, enrich and distribute data to relevant regulators under multiple reporting regimes: MiFID, EMIR, REMIT, ASIC, MAS and others.

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