As well as transaction reporting requirements, firms may also be subject to additional trade reporting (transparency) obligations to publish trade data via an Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) as soon as practically possible after execution (T0).

Prepare for MiFID II / MiFIR trade reporting

Our trade reporting solution benefits from a long history in providing authoritative and independent data to the investment banking community. With its robust processing and normalisation systems, to its 20-year pedigree in multi-asset, real-time data distribution, the regulatory reporting infrastructure is extremely well-placed to help you confidently comply with your firms’ MiFID II Trade Reporting requirements.

At a glance requirements for MiFID II Trade Reporting


SI Determination

Our tools will help firms to determine whether they are an SI on an instrument-by-instrument basis. We are working closely with other APAs and data providers to provide a reliable calculation of “frequent and substantial basis” against total EU-wide volume.

Pre- and Post-Trade Publication

Our publication channels handle 400 million quotes a day from our internal execution venues; we have extended this capability to handle pre-trade quoting from other Trading Venues and Systematic Internalisers. We can also ingest SI status from ESMA and help you with your end of day instrument reference data reporting.

Eligibility Determination

We will use multiple regulatory and reference data sources to filter out eligible quotes and trades for publication. These tools will also flag quotes and trades which are eligible for waiver and deferral according to LIS and SSTI thresholds per instrument.


Historical market data parameters and reference data sources ensure validity and quality of published information and counterparties.

APA Public Website

Publication of trades from Investment Firms, Systematic Internalisers and Trading Venues on both a realtime and 15-minute delayed basis.

Access the website here


Our GUI allows access to monitor the Trade Reporting process from end-to-end, as well as informative MI on your publications:

  • Publication information, including: publications, waived and deferred information, exception management issues;

  • Reference data, including: liquid instrument look-up, registered Systematic Internaliser database, ISIN database (subject to licensing arrangements);
  • Analytics, including: summary benchmarking against peers and other industry types, volumes by asset class, volumes by time window, and status of reportable information.

MiFID II transparency solution

Our MiFID II Transparency solutions leverage intelligent technology, compliance focus and decades of real-time data publication experience to support simple, low-touch transparency reporting with minimal impact on your trading flow.

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